Exclusive big game farm

Welcome to our exclusive big game hunting farm and nature reserve, Finca Valdecañas! Here, you can enjoy the exciting experience of trophy hunting in a carefully preserved environment that is respectful of nature. Our farm covers extensive areas of holm oaks, cork oaks, accompanied by wild olives, gall oaks, rockroses, mastic trees, carob trees among others, which provide the perfect habitat for a diversity of big game species.

In addition to sustainable and regulated hunting, we also offer exciting photo safaris, giving you the chance to capture unique images of local wildlife in their natural environment. Our expert guides will accompany you on each adventure, sharing knowledge about wildlife and the importance of preservation

Our mission is to maintain a balance between hunting activities and the conservation of the ecosystem. We implement responsible and sustainable management practices to ensure that animal populations remain healthy and in harmony with their environment.

Get to know our exclusive big game farm

At our farm, we have professionals who are passionate about nature and big game hunting, who seek to share their passion with you in a unique and exclusive environment.

At Finca Valdecañas we want to offer you an unparalleled experience that combines the excitement of big game hunting with the beauty of wild flora and fauna. In addition to a personalized and high quality service, where we will teach you to preserve the natural balance and enjoy a safe space for wildlife.

Each visit to our farm is an opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy an unforgettable experience.


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