Pull out the cork

At Finca Valdecañas we invite you to immerse yourself in the ancient tradition of removing cork, an art that combines care, skill and respect for the cork oak forests in Spain. This activity is a sample of the symbiotic relationship between man and nature, which has lasted for centuries.

The removal of the cork takes place in spring or summer, when the bark of the cork oak reaches its optimal point of detachment. The ' cork cutters ', experts in this work, make precise incisions in the trunk of the tree to carefully extract the bark, without damaging the tree.

The characteristic sound of the ax and the blow of the mallet echo through the forest as the cork is separated from the wood. Skill and knowledge passed down from generation to generation are essential to ensure a proper harvest and the survival of the cork oak.

The removal of the cork is a process that requires patience and effort. Cork growers show a deep respect for the trees and their environment, making sure that the activity is sustainable and does not endanger the health of the forests.


The extracted cork will be used for a wide variety of products, from wine stoppers to handicrafts. Cork harvesting also contributes to the conservation of cork oak forests, as the activity provides an incentive for their protection and maintenance.

A walk through these forests during cork removal will allow you to experience the magic of this tradition and the beauty of Spain's natural landscapes. It is a unique opportunity to connect with history and nature, while appreciating the valuable work that is done to keep this traditional activity alive.

Cork extraction: an art that combines care, skill and respect for the cork oak forests in Spain

We invite you to live an unforgettable experience participating in the authentic cork extraction. In the spacious and beautiful lands of our Finca Valdecañas, you will learn the secrets of this ancient tradition while enjoying nature at its best.

Discover the art of cork at the hands of expert artisans and feel the excitement of harvesting this natural treasure.